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There are probably more reasons to avoid the use of I.T. then there are to use I.T.

The primary consideration will always be COST.

Embarking on the implementation of an I.T. Strategy which is not part of an overarching Business Strategy is the simplest way yet found of spending money without having any idea of what you are actually buying.

Some indicators of FAILURE that you should seriously consider before embarking upon such a project: 

If you think you are progressing an I.T. Project then STOP. There is no such thing as an I.T. Project – there are only Business Projects.


If your project objectives are not defined (and AGREED by ALL stakeholders) then your project WILL FAIL.

If you want to use the latest technology be prepared to pay the highest price for something that probably won’t work the way you wanted it to.

If you cannot identify the business benefits that will accrue from the project then WHY are you thinking of embarking on it?