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Organisational Development.

The organisation operates as a quasi-independent entity providing a range of IT services to the public and private sectors. Its future was significantly at risk being dependent on only 3 public sector customers and being managed by a dispirited ‘silo based’ management team with uncooperative staff resistant to change. The organisation now has a highly motivated and professional management team and staff delivering a wide range of integrated services. The customer base has expanded to over 250, sales are increasing at over 30% p.a. Annual sales income of ca £6 million in the last financial year generated a contribution of ca £300 thousand.   

This has been achieved by:

  • Applying private sector experience in a public sector organisation
  • Restructuring the management team to focus on customer service
  • Management coaching to encourage change and ownership
  • Business Planning to create a strategic direction and foster a team spirit
  • Introducing marketing and brand development programmes
  • Partnering with synergistic service delivery organisations
  • Product/Service costing to ensure focus on profitable opportunities
  • Introduction of service delivery contracts and service level agreements
  • Objective setting and performance management to monitor and improve staff development
  • Encouraging innovation in service development and delivery