Pragmatic Management Services

Making IT Happen

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Organisations have to change continuously in order to remain competitive and there is always a strong temptation to believe that a new I.T. system will provide that significant competitive advantage.

This is a FALLACY.

Competitive advantage is achieved through Business Change.

That Business Change may (or may not) be facilitated through the introduction of new IT systems.

If there is no Business Change Strategy defining the I.T. Strategy and its constituent I.T. Projects then the highly probable outcome will be a very expensive White Elephant.


We believe that IT projects can only exist as part of an overall business change programme.

We adopt a common sense and pragmatic approach to project management.

We encourage simplicity to aid comprehension and encourage commitment and staff motivation.

Constant communication is used to encourage widespread early adoption.

A continuous focus on core project objectives reduces project  scope and budget overruns.