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Voluntary activities attract people who want to make a difference and to change something for the better. Often the issue being addressed is one that does not have adequate funding from ‘normal’ sources such as the Government or private sector companies.

The struggle to find adequate funds for the organisation to achieve its aims should not be underestimated, people usually do not get involved because they want to raise funds, they usually get involved because they want to be personally involved in the organisation's actual mission.

However, unless fund raising is pursued as a key part of the organisation’s strategy, insufficient funds will be generated to allow the organisation to continue and another opportunity for change will be lost.

Obtaining funds will never be easy but there are some key steps that can be taken, a process to follow, which will improve the chances of success:

Develop a Budget

Unless you know what you are going to spend the money on you will never know how much money you need. As a starting point consider the operating expenses of the organisation itself:

  • Office costs (rent, rates, utilities, IT, consumables, etc)
  • Salary costs for any paid employees
  • Expenses for paid employees and volunteers

Then consider the costs related to what the organisation is trying to achieve. Are there events to be organised, is the plan to provide free counselling or advice, etc?

The more considered and realistic the budget the better the chances of identifying the amount of funding required, an important consideration as having to go back for more money is demoralising both for the organisation and the funders.

Choose the Right Timeframe

You should plan at least 12 months, if not 24 months ahead, as many grant awarding bodies plan over this sort of timeframe.

Maintain a Log & Provide Feedback

Make sure that you record every grant application and every response. Keep your sponsors informed of how you are spending their money and how it is making a difference. Try and establish a personal contact with the awarding bodies – and don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ – you may want to go back for more funds.

Can We Help?

Our experience in this area will help you concentrate on your organisation's real aims whilst we ensure that your funding is sound. Contact us if you want to discuss this.